Amperage is a 2D puzzle game where players guide a charge through a circuit to reach an end node. The charge can jump to adjacent nodes at the end of a wire, bounce off diodes, and recharge at capacitors. The charge is depleted while waiting to jump, however, so timing is of the essence!


        I worked with Y-Knot Potato?, a team of 3, for a semester on this Zero Engine project as a gameplay programmer and soundtrack composer. As my first game project, this was a huge opportunity for learning the game development pipeline and how to manage a project of this scale.

       These are among the tasks I completed for this project:

  • Gameplay
    • Charge motion
    • Node jumping
    • Death/respawning
    • Level transitions
    • Diodes
    • Particle system for charge trail
    • Automatic difficulty tuning
    • Main/pause/options menus
    • Dynamic music reacting to gameplay events such as node jumping, death, pausing, etc
  • Soundtrack
    • Level music
    • Main menu theme