Fuzor is a 2D local multiplayer co-op shooter taking place on a derelict spaceship infested with an alien menace. Players can pick from four classes, and use their abilities together in powerful combination attacks.


        I worked with Drudgery Entertainment, a team of 4, for a semester on this Zero Engine project as the technical director, gameplay programmer, and soundtrack composer. This project gave me an introduction to a much more formal and professional process of game development. We had difficulty managing the project's scope but with some quick and decisive downscoping we ended up with a final project very similar to the original project vision.

       These are among the tasks I completed for this project:

  • Technical Direction
    • Outlined major gameplay systems in a technical design document
    • Developed and enforced style guide for gameplay scripts
    • Performed regular code reviews
    • Reported technical progress to professors
  • Gameplay
    • Player management allowing players to leave, join, or switch classes at any time
    • Class special abilities
    • Combination attacks - one for each combination of classes (12 in total)
    • Final boss/ceiling crawler enemy AI
    • Main/pause menu
    • Class selection UI
    • Visual effects/lighting
    • Dynamic music reacting to game events (player death, combination attack, pausing, etc)
    • Music/audio implementation
    • Scoreboard/save data
  • Soundtrack
    • Level music
    • Main menu theme
    • Credits theme
    • Sound effects for major game events

        The largest challenge of this project was in managing the game's scope. Many gameplay systems were difficult enough on their own, but allowing all  gameplay systems to work with any number of players (and with players leaving/joining at any time) complicated gameplay systems to a great degree. These systems took more time than expected to set up, so we had to cut some late-game content about halfway through the project. Cutting this content allowed us to polish a much smaller portion of the game, which led to a much more enjoyable product.