Swapgoats is a local multiplayer arena brawler game in which players can instantly swap with another player in order to put them in the path of various arena hazards. Collect the most cans to win the game!

        I worked with Drudgery Entertainment, a team of 8, for a year on this custom engine project as a graphics/tools programmer and soundtrack composer. As my first custom engine project, it was an excellent learning experience - not only in terms of engine development, but in terms of team management as well.


       These are among the tasks I completed for this project:

  • Graphics
    • OpenGL Implementation
    • Sprite Rendering
    • Text Rendering with FreeType
    • Spritesheet Animation
    • Particle Systems
    • Resolution Management
  • Tools
    • Level editor using wxWidgets
    • Data-Driven Art Pipeline
  • Gameplay
    • Round Management
    • Options/Pause Menu
    • Audio Implementation with Wwise
  • Soundtrack
    • Level music
    • Main menu theme
    • Sound effects for major game events

        We faced a few major challenges on this project. The first, and most obvious, was learning to create a custom engine that was user-friendly enough for our design team to work with rapidly. The art pipeline and level editor were especially important in this regard. Learning to work with OpenGL for the first time was also very challenging, and until I had a better grasp on graphics techniques, the graphics engine was too basic to work with. However, in the end, this project was what made me love graphics programming.

       Team management was also a big challenge. This was the largest team any of us had ever worked with, and as such, organization and communication suffered initially. Given some time, though, we made changes to our meeting structure and workflow, making the second semester a much smoother experience.