Trappist Landing is an in-development 3D atmospheric narrative experience. Take the role of Sarah, an astronaut crash-landed on the planet Trappist 1-e. Work with your partner to explore the strange alien life on the planet, avoid hostile creatures, and find a way off the planet.


        I am working with Team Trappist as a graphics/audio programmer for my senior game project. We are working with Unity, which has allowed me to create much more sophisticated visual and auditory systems than in previous projects. Supporting a full art team and a full sound design team has been a challenge, but with proper communication and leadership, the project has been highly successful so far.

       These are among the features I have implemented in the project so far:

  • Graphics Features
    • Shader effects for environment surface treatments: animated slime shader, breathing ceiling shader
    • Outlining system to show unscanned objects in the environment when nearby
    • Dynamic atmospheric effects: fog, volumetric lighting, darkness shader for intro
    • Light effect + animation for scanning
    • HUD implementation + animated HUD effects (heartbeat, compass, etc)
    • Hologram shader effect for video of Mark
    • Researched real-time sub-surface scattering effects for organic surfaces
    • Profiling/optimization: runs at 60 FPS at maximum settings on a GTX 960
  • Audio Features
    • Integrated Wwise into the Unity project
    • Designer-friendly components for firing Wwise events
    • Caption system, integrated with both Ink and Wwise
    • User-friendly tools to work with committing raw audio assets to SVN and Wwise data to Git
  • Other
    • Miscellaneous Unity tools such as scene object bookmarker
    • Managing tools for art team (3D painting tools, prefab placement, etc)